Paying sports bets with crypto currencies

It is no longer a novelty that cryptocurrencies are increasingly finding their way into everyday life: a lot of Bitcoin ATMs are on the streets of Austria, Germany or Switzerland, paying via Bitcoin and co. is even possible at kiosks in France – and blockchain technology is now used throughout the country, from the financial world to the automotive industry.

The digital money is therefore not a short-term hype – even sports bets can now be paid with crypto currencies. The first bookmakers have been accepting bets in Bitcoins for some time now. Reason enough to take a closer look at the current situation and to introduce some of the leading sports betting providers where payment can be made with crypto currencies.

Pay sports bets with crypto currencies

  • Sports betting goes crypto currencies: what advantages does payment via crypto currencies have for bookmakers and especially for betting enthusiasts?
  • A clear advantage in contrast to payment by credit card or online payments – the fees for crypto-currencies are not as high as for the other payment methods – here the total is a whopping 4%.
  • And another benefit for the user is also obvious: the anonymity of digital money.

Sports betting providers who accept crypto-currencies for deposits often only require their customers to provide an e-mail address. Personal data or even proof of identification for account confirmation does not have to be presented. With crypto exchanges where digital money is traded, the situation is different – a complete registration process is required. An overview of the most important crypto exchanges in 2019 can be found here.

Sports betting providers that accept Bitcoin

Classical bookmakers offer the service “Betting with crypto currencies” – but with the new payment methods one has the advantage of the missing fees as well as the fast payment processing. In the following, the Crypto-Monitor has compiled the three most important sports betting providers for payment with crypto currencies. It is important to bet on the right events, check out this list for an overview.


Hovering on cloud 7 with the bookmaker is no problem: the sports betting provider proves to be the market leader in crypto currencies and betting. Not only is the deposit and withdrawal made in Bitcoin and co – the welcome bonus can also be paid out in digital money. Four categories around crypto currencies can be selected at CloudBet. Firstly, the Bitcoin Sportsbook, where the classic sports bets can be played.

Then the Bitcoin Cash Casino – where gambling via crypto is possible. The Best Bitcoin Bonus secures the user up to 5 Bitcoin (BTC) welcome bonus by making an initial deposit – after which the digital money automatically appears in the user’s account. The fourth of the categories is Bitcoin Cash 101 – a blog specially initiated in CloudBet to help users learn about betting via crypto currencies.

Deposits can also be made at NetBet using Bitcoin. This makes NetBet the first provider licensed in the UK to accept the new digital currency as a payment method. The secret is this: Bitcoins can be selected for payment via Neteller. To do so, one should select the option Bitcoin by Neteller. Neteller as the payment service provider then handles the actual transaction to NetBet. There is no way around a Neteller account – the service provider converts the Bitcoins into money and sends it to NetBet. The NetBet Review offers a comprehensive overview of the processing of sports bets!


After opening an account at 1×2-bet you can deposit with Bitcoins – the exact approach can be found in the 1×2-bet Review! Deposit amounts will be accepted at the respective daily rate. Sports bettors who prefer the classic e-wallets can deposit with Skrill by Moneybookers and Neteller. It is important to have an account with the respective financial service provider. Also the deposit and withdrawal is done rapidly via crypto-currencies – the user has to wait a maximum of 48 hours to (hopefully) book his profit.

The crypto-boom does not stop and digital money is taking place in more and more industries – as with sports betting. Bets on a sport can now also be paid with Bitcoin (BTC) and co.  is actually a bookmaker that specializes exclusively in payments with crypto currencies. The registration is very fast and uncomplicated – in addition, several crypto trading exchanges are connected to the bookmaker, so that the in and out payments can be processed quickly and easily.

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